dew drops

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rain opens numerous possibilities for photography, contrast is excellent and colours just pop.

f5.6, 1/45, 55mm


A fly Goes Off Road

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A fly goes off road.  f6.7 1/125, 50mm

The King Brownie

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In business bundles lead to longer customer relationships but they are better in food prep.  Witness the ultimate brownie bundle, shot at f5.6 1/60sec 55mm on the stove top with white a4 as the backdrop.

Forest Floor

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Something draws me to forest groundcover;  moss, roots, mushrooms, dead animals, tree carcasses, it’s both death and life simultaneously, juxtaposition of the universe , perhaps an analogy for how we should live our own lives? Tread lightly and leave no refuse.

f5.6 1/25 55mm iso 200

forest floor halifax landscape photography

Tea Biscuits

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So what do you do after work on a Saturday night if your to old or smart to go downtown?  You bake!

Tea Biscuits

F6.7, 1/60sec, 35mm

Dew Drops

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Walking Hannah to school today I came across this striking scene, after I discharged my fatherly obligations I scooted back and attempted to shoot the scene.

F5.6, 1/45sec, 52mm, iso400

halifax landscape photography dew droplet

Halifax Landscape Photography

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Reversing Ring, D50, F2.8 35mm, 1/45, iso 1600

More examples of Macro Halifax Landscape Photography