The Death of Proprietary CMS

Can I say that if Google is the long tail of application developers than Microsoft is the head?  If you agree with this assertion than you will also agree that an open source cms will overcome proprietary cms systems in the near future.  Why? Which is better?  The key question you need to ask yourself is how much time does the company you are planning to purchase the CMS from devote to upgrades and improvements.  If there is no set weekly schedule than run, run run!!!  Applications can only be improved through constant tweaking and development so, rather than work around a problem, it will be a better customer experience for you if they solve it.  Unfortunately the CMS providers in Atlantic Canada have limited resources and focus on working around the problem rather than solving it.  Would you like to have the benefit of thousands of minds or 5?  Thousands of developers, programmers and testers contribute to the open source community daily.  When was the last time your CMS company initiated an upgrade?  Open source does not mean free, Toyota and The bank of Scotland CMS are open source, they paid for those systems and in exchange have purchased robust scalable systems that benefit from ongoing daily development.


~ by vwbora25 on 07/22/2008.

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