Public Transportation

Why do people think public transportation is great? Must be some alternative disfunction realted to the Stockholm syndrome. I Rode my first bus into work today, really, the first time. I missed my car immediately, the privacy, seclusion, air conditioning, no strangers privates inches from your face. Very weird, it was like being transported 30 yrs back to riding the school bus with a bunch of dropouts. One thing I noticed, no one makes eye contact , talks, and your neighbours earphones don’t work. So we can add public transportation too, itchy hemp clothes, ‘natural deodorant’ , halitosis and a penchant for alternative lifestyles as another penance our eco warrior vegetarians must bear for us heavy carbon footprint devils.

They tell me I will get used it. I doubt it, they said the same thing about my hair.


~ by vwbora25 on 07/23/2008.

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