Water Expires? Who knew?

Stupid me I thought water was good till someone peed in it, and even then you just had to recycle it.  But no, water companies now tell us that there is indeed a time when water goes bad. Is this a conspiracy by drought ridden Texas with backing from the Saudi’s? George has to do something come November.

Could it be the expiry date represents

  1. when all the chemicals from the bottle leach into the water,
  2. when malaria will simultaneous be created,
  3. when it becomes holy water and opus dei declares it off limits to all infidels,
  4. when algae and fish appear in a new micro ecosystem?

The real answer is the water companies covering their backside, in order to sterilize you have it irradiate, you know radiation, so that’s not on the table yet, so there is a chance some microorganisms and bacteria can grow back.


~ by vwbora25 on 07/25/2008.

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