Bob Norman Turns 40 Tomorrow

I’m back from four days without internet access, except for a little community nibble in Fredericton and I am none the worse for wear.  Some things to report:

  1. Super highways suck, I retraced the old TCH from Truro to Fredericton and back, it was a blast.  Character, adventure and photo ops abound.
  2. KEEBLERS REJOICE!! BoB is no longer a threat.
  3. I have two baby seats in the back seat instead of one, (cousin Marina is Visiting).
  4. Fire Fighters in NE Gander can rest easy,
  5. Why is free community based wi-fi not the standard.
  6. RCMP no longer have to impair worthy vw bumblebuggies from travelling east.
  7. Happy Birthday Bob Norman; This is your 40 Pink Flamingos, apologize I couldn’t be there.  Give coconuts a kiss for me. And, if your feeling nostalgic, take Grant and Curtis to the shed and howl at the moon.

As someone once said “you can stay in bed, or you can go fishing, your choice, think of the memories and stories you can tell your kids”. Turns out, I spent 10 years explaining why my workboots “looked burnt” around the same time of that “fire”.  However, nothing will top the succinct salutations from the patio when we came home.

enjoy your day!



~ by vwbora25 on 08/04/2008.

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