Nova Scotia Tourism Failure

Marketing WTF!

The Copy


This is my opinion only and not associated with any clients or business’s I am attached to.

Welcome Tourism Nova Scotia, I’m running a big assumption that you are savvy enough to have a media monitoring program and that I have appeared on your scope.

Have you run out of ideas?  You don’t get the web and now in the area that you claim excellence in: “Traditional Media” you go and copy Newfoundland’s ads.  As an expat living in NS I am appalled at this oversight.  As a marketing strategist I am at a loss for words, I have met with your top brass and for the most

The Orginial Inspiration

The Originial Inspiration

part they are smart articulate people so I’m baffled as how the agency of record could have snuck this through.

This is not the first time your marketing strategy has failed, did you even research the stats behind Google Ads before you engaged them? Promoting Halifax as Gay friendly is one thing but this is sublime  Nova Scotia Tourism Ads on Pornographic Website . Does anyone in Tourism NS have a Google account or is that in the hands of the agency?

Some Helpfull Advice-Measure twice cut once.

I am available-ftoddwilliams AT Gmail dot com

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