Bedford Tree Fungus

Stats: 1/90, f8, 24mm, sb600 -1 fill flash mode


This could be of the type Laetiporus sulphureus which appears on deciduous and coniferous trees .  You can find this all over the HRM, It is very common, with its brackets appearing every year in late Spring to Early Summer. This example was sourced at the bottom of Bedford across from the local NSLC and Superstore.  It obtained its common name from the fact that someone was hungry enough to find out its flesh has the constituency of cooked chicken flesh and when young is very good to eat . The flesh is cream, egg yellow in colour and although it can grow into strange lumpy shapes, it usually grows in tiered clusters as a fan shaped bracket. A yellowish juice should exude when the flesh is squeezed. Grab some onions, cheese and eggs…..

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~ by vwbora25 on 09/12/2008.

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