Why Join Freemasonry

It is no secret that I have moved around a lot. Consequently I am disconnected with my natural network and I was alone.  Freemasonry connects me with the life experience and knowledge that I ordinarily would miss out on.

It also fulfills my sense of order and plays to my penchant for tradtion, history, mystery and ceremony.  If you were a boy scout and in your middle age feel a gap, you should investigate freemasonry.

It is not an old boys club  who worship the devil and are bent on world domination.

Freemasonry is composed of likeminded fellows who wish to make good men better and to pass on tradtions and knowledge to a younger willing receiptents.

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~ by vwbora25 on 09/19/2008.

2 Responses to “Why Join Freemasonry”

  1. Brother Todd,

    You have described how I, too, feel about my 30 years in Freemasonry.

    I was a DeMolay in Springfield IL in the mid-60’s and enjoyed my experience in that organization. While in the military, even in Vietnam, I was invited by Masons to participate in their gatherings at the Masonic clubs formed at military bases, and that experience led me to petition the Lodge later on. I am a Past Master of my Lodge and Past High Priest, Illustrious, and Commander in our York Rite bodies, as well as a KYCH in Minnesota Priory. I am presently in my 11th year as Secretary of my Lodge and feel I have contributed a lot to our Lodge and its members, both new and old.

    I particularly enjoy the charitable work we do, including the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota. The Knights of Columbus also work with our Shriners in an annual fund-raising activiy for the Shrine hospitals.

    A Widow’s Son

  2. What lodge do you belong to? I’m at Van Rensselaer Lodge No. 87 in East Greenbush New York. (F. & A. M.) Peace, Hiram.

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