BBC Kills Top Gear:Jeremy Clarkson Balls Up | James May & Richard Hammond Sip Wine

Possible News Release

On the advice of a top gear fan the Stig informed BBC management yesterday of his intention to remove Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear due to extreme negligence.

The most obvious Top Gear Challenge yet to be done, ” Jet Man Vs Aqua-car” can’t be done, because Jeremy Clarkson is a Wanker:  The big jezza forgot about this possibility or manipulated it into the weak european version of a plane vs a car. Ironies of ironies the BBC allowed the swiss version to be filmed and posted it to their website.  Now, will top gear be renewed, and who will replace the 6′ wanker , that growls and smokes???

Ever since James May got his VFR Licence I figured now it will happen, but no, the silly wanker used conventional means to cross the channel for their car vs plane version and Clarkson the pussy stayed in a car…and drove at night, which James couldn’t do, due to the nature of VFR..thus,  this new flying Swiss was unchallenged and welcomed as he invaded England….A feat the Germans failed to do.  Think about that!   Clarkson must be held accountable!

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~ by vwbora25 on 09/26/2008.

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