Is Web 2.0 Enterprise Dying a quick death

This is a repost from Sarah Lacey

I’ve been meaning to note this for a few days, but no surprise so-called “Enterprise 2.0” companies are already having a hard time getting companies to pay (or keep paying in a few cases) for their tools. This report is focusing on bigger companies having trouble, so just think what that means for Enterprise 2.0

startups. I’m betting this will be the first decimated group of fire sales and walking dead.

Am I missing it or is there anyone out there that looks like they could whether the storm and become a big company? In a few months, you’ll be able to buy a while-label social networking company for the change in your pocket. (To be clear: I put Ning in a different category, and I’m still very bullish on their prospects. I also don’t think of SixApart as Enterprise 2.0, since it’s not purely selling blog software to enterprises.)

Sorry for the attitude here, but I’ve been hard on Enterprise 2.0 as a group for a while, generally deleting any press release or pitch that has it in the subject line. 99% of them I get are bandwagon, me-too products looking for a market, or there are just already decent free alternatives. It smacks of the “B2B” movement that swept tech just before Web 1.0 collapsed. Well, it’s reminiscent in terms of hype and pitches anyway. I don’t think many Enterprise 2.0 companies raised huge amounts of cash, and clearly none of them have gone public, so if I’m right the fall out is, thankfully, minimal

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~ by vwbora25 on 10/17/2008.

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