The Social Web and the Commerce Web

repost Giles Crouch

We believe there is now a clear divide on the Web. That of the Commerce Web and the Social Web. Many a business has invested heavily in a Web presence, from site creation and design, to carefully planned navigation and search engine optimization. We term this as the Commerce Web. It is where commerce takes place, a transaction of monetary value driven through “push” and “interruptive” advertising. The Commerce Web is mostly one-way or “inside-out” marketing. The company message controlled and pushed with limited engagement tools, and any tools that are there are for a more immediate monetary transaction.

The Social Web however, is entirely about engagement and for a business is very much about two-way and “outside-in” marketing communications. As the Commerce Web is invariably one-way, owned and controlled by the company, it is easy to justify and comprehend in budget terms. The Social Web is fragmented and a company does not live in just one “space”, the message is “managed” rather than controlled and it is an ongoing engagement that fails miserably when the Social Web is simply used for campaigns. The Social Web is also harder to measure and it is newer to the marketing sphere.

So does this mean the website is dead? Not at all. Using Social Media means you can drive traffic to a company website or product site to use as the financial transaction part of the relationship. Your company website is a sound investment that should be managed and evolved, and Social Media tools can build out from your website. With the Social Web, transactions are valued in time and attention, and this is the difference in valuing your Socia Web presence versus your Commerce Web presence.

Both play a vital role in ongoing marketing. if you want to actively engage your audiences, either for stakeholder relations, customer service, product feedback and more, then this can be most effectively done in the Social Web.

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