How do I use Twitter Grader

Yesterday, I came a cross a twit about the twitter grade from Hubspot, so being the curious lad I am and envisioning a pagerank type scenario, I checked it out. Turns out I was only 32, which means that I was only “better” than 32 percent of the GRADED twitter community. This is my twitter rank after I tweaked it:

So, this generates some Questions:

  1. How did I increase my twitter rank?
  2. How do I use it?
  3. Will I keep it?

UPDATE: 30 Oct 2008-97.5

  1. How did I increase my twitter rank? Twitter Grader tells you some of its algorithms variables, you just have to manipulate them.  One of the variables is your number of followers, ie are you an interesting person.  Turns out I am so I was able to grab some like minded individuals based on reciprocity. I believe this is analogous to metatags and reciprocal link building prior to Google becoming a force in search.  There are good and bad ways to grab followers and twitter grader does not account for the quality of your followers.
  2. How do I use it? I have no idea.  Your tweets and twitter have excellent seo capabilities based on their SM origins and architecture.  Unless you can monetize your Twitter position in an adsense scenario, I don’t yet see an advantage to a high score.
  3. Will I keep it?I will let you know.  If it connects me to more people in my sphere of influence it was well worth the 20 minutes I spent last night.
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~ by vwbora25 on 10/21/2008.

2 Responses to “How do I use Twitter Grader”

  1. Thanks for trying Twitter Grader.

    In addition to giving you a grade, Twitter Grader now also helps you find other powerful users based on specific keyword search. (Also, the site has graded 150,000+ twitter profiles now, so the pool of people is relatively large).


  2. Maybe you should try the honest twitter grader, which entirely impervious to manipulation and fighteningly accurate, though not in your case I’m sure 🙂

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