Canada’s Cumupenance

test-083This has been a great week, although some people would focus on the American Election, I was pleased as punch when it was finally “OFFICIALLY” announced that Newfoundland is a have province.  Ironically, Ontario is now a have not.

It is easy to be an economic powerhouse when the country was formed around you and you could leach all the Government infrastructure and money present from July 01 1867 onward.  And still they have failed.

Contrast that with Newfoundlands entry on March 31, 1949.  Canada raped us from the beginning to feed central Canada.  Witness Churchill falls, our fish and airspace rights.  Those three factors alone have contributed over 50 billion to the Canadian economy.  I won’t even get into the human contribution.  And yet what did we get for it?  NEWFIE JOKES.  Times have changed and I will be spending some time writing a series of Ontario Jokes.  Actually, no I won’t, we’re not built like that, and that should speak volumes.  The problem is, the rest of Canada still don’t understand.



~ by vwbora25 on 11/08/2008.

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