VW Spacefox Ad

VW has a history of very creative ads, however this ad is kind of weird.  It is for the South American Volkswagen SpaceFox and it stars a Fish-Dog or maybe its a Dog-Fish. All I know its a bitch to walk.

The creators/instigators are Almapp BBDO of San Paulo, Brazil and just goes to show how liberal drug laws and a huge transgendered community effect the creatives’ mind world view of a society and what is acceptable.  At the end of the ad the tagline indicates the spacefox can be “anything you imagine,” So is this an ad promoting gender change operations and drug use or is it a lament for not offering a hybrid or hydrogen powered vehicle?  You decide

Who knows after coming to face to face with a platypus anything is possible.

This just leaves one question as to why VW won’t bring this to North America  to steal the Subaru Forrester market and the but ugly Honda Fit.

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~ by vwbora25 on 01/05/2009.

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