Expectation, Anticipation and Brand Value in Social Media

Brockhaus Konversations-Lexicon, 1902

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In the pre-Social Web days, a brand and it’s components and assets could be fairly well managed. The company determined the design elements, packaging, promotion, channels of communication and shaped the message. In large part a company could also control the message. Feedback to assess effectiveness of the marketing was via focus groups, various forms of surveys and sales.

Ultimately however, the consumer shaped the brand. But there were controls in place for the brand owner to shape the perceptions and expectations of the brand. Not anymore. Once a brand decides to engage actively in Social Media, a conversation begins. This means a two-way, far less controllable medium. This situation also means more work to manage the brand. As social media usage increases brands big and small, will have no choice but to engage. The days of didactic one-way advertising only are fading. Some claim brands are dying altogether.

This puts some inherent new issues for brand values and management on the  brand owner. I see this as two key areas;

1. Expectation: By engaging in a conversation (whether I’m conversing or just reading/viewing) as a consumer of a brand, the brand is now setting a certain set of expectations.

2. Anticipation: Now the brand ha engaged with the consumer, a certain anticipation about what will happen with the brand in the future is set.

These are two huge considerations for a brand looking to engage in Social Media. But they have little choice as social media usage grows and consumers want to engage the brand.

(Author: Giles Crouch, Principal)

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