In The Field #3

Today’s podcast demonstrates how you have to think on your feet and use the gear that you have with you. The podcast focus is on childrens’ sports/action photography. The podcast will appear shortly whenever I can get quick time to communicate with moviemaker.

In the meantime here are the pics from todays field shoot.

photo link

(note: it’s quite grainy in full mode, I’m working on another slideshow solution so be patient)


I was using the 18-55 with a polarizer and for the basketball shots I added some fill flash.  Fill flash balances out the highlights on sunny days so your picture doesn’t look blown, shiny or overexposed.  Although not my best work, I like the way the images turned out.

Tips to consider

  1. Always follow the action and its relationship to your subject,
  2. Anticipate where your subject will be,
  3. Use Continous autofocus with your zoom lens,
  4. Shoot in Shutter Priority mode and use high shutter speeds,
  5. Flash freezes action, but it’s reach may not match your zoom,
  6. Take your time and be patient,
  7. Review your shots and quickly make any adjustments in the field,
  8. Get down low or any other non traditional angles,
  9. Have fun learning.
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~ by vwbora25 on 08/09/2009.

One Response to “In The Field #3”

  1. And to think I spent close to $6700.00 on a Canon 400mm f2.8 lens for my son’s football/baseball games.


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