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Todd Williams-Photographer

Born on the Extreme East Coast of North America, Todd Williams quickly developed a love and appreciation of all things barren, rugged and those that are unmittingly exposed to mother natures forces and taunts.

A past member of the BrimstoneHead appreciation society, Todd now lives on Mainland
North America Proper and makes his living guiding people and companies through the complexities of the web; Building business and designing and implementing solutions
Join him as he presents his views on dancing with the light.

Todd Williams-Professionally

Todd understands client services and needs at a fundamental level; he began his business career early in outport Newfoundland delivering groceries with his grandfather. In university he started a confectionary business out of his dorm room. He was named the youngest entrepreneur of 1986. His understanding of business management and service as a key element to success carries on today.

Todd has been around the Web industry for several years and worked across a diverse range of industries from oil & gas, transportation and automotive to insurance and government. His sound business knowledge and understanding of process has helped these organizations to find inherent value in leveraging the Web; beyond marketing into productivity and innovation. Todd’s ability to see the big picture and work across multiple organizational disciplines while ensuring projects are carried out diligently leaves clients looking for even more Web-based solutions and Intevix with a satisfied list of clients. Todd lives in Halifax with his high-school sweetheart and two girls and enjoys photography and boomerangs when not helping his clients grow profits and reduce costs


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